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Specialized in the design and production of contemporary workplace systems

Tis specialises in designing and producing contemporary workplace systems.
It is part of the Extravega group, which provides architectural fabrications since 1985.
With Head quarters in New York and R&D and production based 100% in Italy, Tis delivers and installs worldwide.

Our mission is creating solutions to improve working conditions through the use of quality materials, engineering and quality fabrication.

The flexibility of the company structure, and a 30 years old expertise allow us to manage projects of different budgets and complexity, combining standard products such as, partition wall systems, soundproof panels, furniture and accessories, and bespoke solutions.

Ethically Driven

Our ethical code is an essential part of our business model. TIS is fully dedicated towards its staff, with the greatest respect and transparency towardscustomers, suppliers and any other subject involved within the business.

We are committed to closely following the local laws and regulations, especially with regard to nature and sustainability.

The output of such behavior makes our team proud and our customers fully satisfied, in a continuous search for excellence.

Your Project Our Solution

We provide total support to the project needs of Architects and Designers. Our 30-year culture has taught us to cover the different moments of a project from its concept to the production and installation with the same level of attention. We always try our best to deliver the perfect customer expectation.

TIS has the right solution for any kind of project complexity and budget: thanks to a range of standard products through its business units such as Tis Space for partition wall systems, Tis Sound for soundproof panels, Tis Stage for furniture and accessories, Tis Screen for video communication and Tis Style for customized workplace solutions.

Quality in our mind

The entire products and processes of TIS focus on the reduction of the environmental impact, such as the use of recyclable materials for metal, glass, wooden parts and packing.

We also study the easy separation of each material at the end of its life cycle. The whole range of TIS wall systems bears the CE mark pursuant to the Directive 89/106/CE.

Last but not least quality is the key element of TIS people’s everyday behaviour. We work for a brighter future for the Company and the entire world.


Your new workplace layout project has a TIS unique tailor made solution, with the TIS staff fully devoted to your target.
We care about your expectations!


​Regardless of the dimension of your workplace, the TIS team will be totally engaged in studying, processing and quoting your one-off project.
We care about your needs!


Regardless of the dimension of your workplace, the TIS team will be totally engaged in studying, processing and quoting your one-off project.

We care about your world!


Made in Italy means fine design products produced with our heart coupled with a contemporary local workmanship culture.
We care about your identity!


TIS is full-service oriented, taking care of every single process in the turnkey operation from R&D and production to delivery and professional installation all over the world. So you can focus on your main job, not wasting a second of your concentration.
We care about your time!


We don’t forget you after the installation.
We solve any emerging issues or new needs and make all the necessary adjustments in real time. At the same time we are always keen to adapt your offices or your relocation for any future expansion of your Company.
We care about your growth!


Tis Space is the contemporary solution for any workplace environment. Today’s offices need to be clean, open and functional. Our glazed partitions lines fit perfectly any offices layout necessity, from operative to directional and meeting rooms spaces.


Tis Sound is a range of sound-absorbing products, specifically studied to create privacy and to reduce acoustic impact in open offices and coworking areas. The range consists on high quality sound reducing panels, sound-absorbing furniture, and last but not least meeting/huddle rooms.


Tis Stage are a selection of furniture systems suitable for individual workstations to large meeting rooms and storage solutions.
These products are studied to be reconfigured in relation to changing office requirements where design and functionality go hand in hand.


Tis Screen has integrated audio video processes inside its design walls. Invisible technology and high performance communication during the working time. The system comes also with lighting control, presence-dependent room management, control of open and closed of blinds and doors.


Tis Style enable architects, designers and engineers to 100% realise their project. Starting from the one-off interior or architectural piece to the complete fittings of workplace spaces. Tis Style works aside the designers supporting them in the process of turning an idea into reality.


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