Safe Screen is a system to shield and protect customers and operators where it is not possible to maintain a safe distance between people.
A functional solution, visually low impact and designed to be easily accessible.
Safe Screen is the most suitable system for the protection of people in public places, offices, commercial activities and production plants.

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- Durable, impact-resistant and and unbreakable high quality plexiglas panel with high transparency, measures 80x h 50 cm, easy to clean and sanitize;
- Iron feet for free-standing support, option in white or black color, guarantees to the product without any fixing, removable for easy storage and cleaning;
- The join will keep the plexiglas panel raised by 2 cm to allow the passage of sheets and documents, credit cards, etc.;
- Made in Italy designed and produced by Tis srl - it is possible to make changes in measurements if necessary by contacting us before purchasing;
- Self-supporting structure, cross interlocking assembly, simple and fast. Product supplied with instructions;
- Packing with anti-break protections;
- Covid-19 safety device;
- Already available in stock.