with our Dynamic Permanent Sanification

In real time H24/7
1. without chemicals
2. without aid of staff
3. without you noticing it

Continuous disinfection of the
1. air
2. any surfaces
3. environment

For anyone
1. for people who suffers allergies
2. for anyone affected by seasonal ailments
3. it's a safe, fast, and powerful system

Sanitization systems generate the biocide Hydrogen Peroxide in situ without precursor.

Our 'Safe Webinar Room' is made in partnership with our product lines such as #tisspace #tissound #tisstage #tisscreen #tissafe.


Dining for everyone in any weather. Think about it: how many more customers will you be able to host in your restaurant? With DINING BOX you will be able to serve more clients! Adapt your restaurant to eat safely outdoors no matter the weather!
Enjoy food and drink with a date or friends in a comfortable urban space.

- Structure in white, black or grey. Additional color upon request
- Floor: porcelain stoneware in light or dark grey
- Glass: 5/8" laminated safety glass
- Adjustable feet
- Insulated roof panels
- Retroreflective tape
- ADA ramp available upon request
- Equipped with LED lighting and 3 heating lamps
- Weather-resistant: wind, water, cold
- Open at the top on 3 sides
- Open passage area without door
- Adjustable feet. Structure placed on the ground, no fixing required
- Easy to be dismantled
- Removable shatterproof side glass

- 7'-11' width x 17'-11" lenght (2431 mm x 5456 mm) x 9-8 1/2"height
- other measures available upon request


Safe Screen is a system to shield and protect customers and operators where it is not possible to maintain a safe distance between people.
A functional solution, visually low impact and designed to be easily accessible.
Safe Screen is the most suitable system for the protection of people in public places, offices, commercial activities and production plants.

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- Durable, and impact-resistant high quality plexiglass panel with high transparency, measures 80x h 50 cm, easy to clean and sanitize;
- Iron feet for free-standing support, option in white or black color, no glue or fixings required, can be simply inserted in notches, removable for easy storage and cleaning;
- The joint will keep the plexiglass panel raised by 2 cm to allow the exchange of sheets and documents, credit cards, etc.;
- Made in Italy designed and produced by Tis srl - it is possible to make changes in measurements if necessary by contacting us before purchasing;
- Self-supporting structure, cross interlocking assembly, simple and fast. Product supplied with instructions;
- Packing with anti-break protections;
- Covid-19 safety device;
- Already available in stock.


Safe Partition

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Adaptable to every multiple desk configuration and easily installable by any user without the use of tools. Compact size, sound insulation available, also possible to customize dimensions, colours and panels.

Safe Totem

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Safe Totem is a dispenser of surgical masks and sanitizing solutions for hands with UV light sanitazion. A system for protecting staff and visitors inside offices, production centers, public businesses and coworking facilities.

Safe Mini Totem

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Mini Safe Totem specifics: Mini Safe Totem is a practical dispenser of hand sanitizing alcohol solution with a self-supporting structure.